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Music Lessons from Yeovil

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For children in Years 3 to Year 9.

If your child has a passion for playing their musical instrument, then chances are they have all the creativity they need to improvise their own music and jam with other young musicians. It doesn’t matter what instrument they love, all are welcome.

Children in this unique class learn the foundations of musical structure so they can contribute to new compositions. Every child is encouraged to join in and play their own musical ideas and motifs. Most importantly, the skills needed to play with other young musicians are developed, so each child has the confidence to join in and jam, letting their creativity flow. This important musical ability boosts musicianship and develops the skill-set required to master their own instrument. Best of all, they gain practical knowledge and experience of other instruments, broadening their tastes and interests.

If your child is creative and has their own musical instrument, then please complete the form below to apply for a place with the ImproJam group next term: