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Music Theory

Music Lessons from Yeovil

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Lessons to learn a musical instrument are often very short and occur just once a week. This leaves little time to cover the fundamentals of music theory that provides a much deeper understanding of the music that we play. As your child continues to study the theory of music, they will be undertaking composition, transposition, and arranging too. But all that sounds a little dry, doesn’t it?

When your child joins our Music Theory class, the fundamentals are covered in a much more engaging and practical way. This programme reduces the amount of time children are sat with their noses in an exercise book, and instead brings the theory of their own style of music to life with fun activities. Written tasks are minimised so the child can broaden their experience of music, learning the theory with a richer and deeper engagement.

Music Theory classes also support Grade examinations should your child like a recognised qualification for their efforts. Each grade also corresponds to the practical grades your child might be undertaking with their musical instrument lessons. The Music Theory group is a great way to avoid the loneliness and isolation of theory homework set by your music teacher too. Come to the group to revise new concepts learned and boost understanding with fun activities too.

To enrol in this class, or to request one-to-one support, please contact us.