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Piano Lessons

Music Lessons from Yeovil

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Piano Lessons

I have been teaching the piano for over 25 years. Adults and children come to me to learn how to play the piano for many reasons. Some are keen to revisit hobbies from their childhood. Others want to acquire formal qualifications in music. You might want to develop your musicianship so you can play with other musicians, or you might just want to play a few of your favourite tunes.

Piano lessons are a great way to start or continue a valuable hobby. Anyone can learn at any time of life. The piano is a very versatile instrument and can be played in a variety of musical styles. Piano lessons with Nicola Davidson can include:

  • Introduction to a wide range of musical styles
  • Technical work to improve skill and understanding
  • Playing for pleasure
  • Playing with and for others
  • Playing for recognised qualifications and grades
  • Improvisation and Composition
  • Theory of music
  • Musicianship and performance

If you would like to find out more about playing the piano, then please get in touch.