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Practice Club

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If encouraging your child to practice feels more like a battle than a fun event, then why not try our Practice Club?

Practising a musical instrument should never feel like a chore, and children should be keen to pick up the instrument that holds the key to their musical creativity. The secret to happy practising is a clear understanding of what your child should be doing in those precious minutes with their music and their instrument.

Practice club is a great place to learn more about how to practice, why we practice, and what the word practice really should mean.

Children can come to the sessions with their instrument and spend quality time tackling those tricky pieces and scales in a fun and supportive environment with their friends. This takes the pressure off the parents, and helps your child to progress more rapidly with the weekly tasks their music teachers have set them. Best of all, it is fun, sociable, and a great place to explore their creative musicality.

If you’re looking for a way to end the daily battles and arguments about practice, then enrol your child into practice club for next term. Find out more about this unique and engaging musical activity by contacting us directly, or fill in the registration application form below: